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Your preferred AI partner //

We are obsessed about achieving your business outcomes

Looking to increase revenue or reduce costs in your business? We can help!

We leverage Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics to deliver that. 


Who are we?

At Glenfield Analytics, we start with the end in mind and then work backwards. We don't follow the hype or implement technology for the sake of it.

We've built our consulting and product business by prioritising our customer's business outcomes.


We deliver tangible commercial value to our customers, leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Data and Analytics as enablers.

We are a company registered and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, but with a global reach.

How we deliver commercial value


Revenue Increase


We leverage AI and Machine Learning's advanced analytics to derive insights that enable out customers to produce more of their desired business outcomes.


Cost Avoidance


We leverage predictive analytics to surface unplanned incidents with the potential to wipe our customer's profit margins. Our insights provide recommendations on how our customers could avoid them.


Cost Saving


We leverage advanced analytics to derive insights on business areas where our customers could spend less than budgtted.


Efficiency Gains


We automate manual processes that save our customers valuable time.


Our capability

We are focused on quality over quantity. Even though we can, we intentionally don't do everything.



Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI

Machine Learning



Solution Architecture

Project Management

Change Management



Support and Maintenance

Service Level Agreements

On-premises and Cloud

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